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Message from the Authors

Sharon Allison, M.A. - Education and Human Services - Iris McCray, M.A. - Education and Human Services -

We are a mother and daughter team who have discussed writing a children’s book for several years now. We finally stood still for a moment and made this dream a reality. Focusing on every detail and enjoying the process with seeing our vision come to fruition is truly a blessing.

Spend the Day with Atlas the Bear is a delightful and engaging story for preschool through primary school age children. Parents and children will love sharing and talking about Atlas and his funny and amazing adventures.


Our goal is to continue to provide children with funny and exciting adventures about Atlas the Bear. We understand the importance of establishing a solid foundation for children to grow and develop during the early and primary school years.​ Our purpose is to create picture story books that provide the following educational components:

  • Encourage language development

  • Identify letters, words, and colors

  • Increase memory skills

  • Expand vocabulary

  • Promote literacy and independent reading

Wish Upon a Story! 💕

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