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Hi Everyone! I'm Atlas the Bear

Atlas is a friendly funny bear that takes you on his first adventure of learning the game of baseball in “Spend the Day with Atlas the Bear.” Atlas will teach children to be confident and optimistic about learning something NEW while having FUN in the process. Come along and find out what Atlas is up to next! Children will be excited and engaged with Atlas and his amusing and wacky experiences. 🙃



Atlas the Bear in his various activities throughout the day encourages children to be brave, adventurous, active, and have an attitude of gratitude. He takes on challenges happily, and marvels in his success. Additionally, his peer interactions and his healthy practices promote good life choices. This is a wonderful book to assist in skill development for children.

Nina D., PhD, LCMHC

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Atlas the Bear and his exciting and eventful life. The subject matter and illustrations are on point. Little ones will love listening to and, eventually, reading this book. It will be interesting to discover what the future holds for Atlas.

M. Taylor

I read this book to my sister Mira, and she really enjoyed spending a day with Atlas the Bear and experiencing his adventures! Atlas teaches us to be confident, brave and optimistic! The illustrations are very nice too.

In my sister's words, this book is "purely awesome" 😊 I recommend this book to kids of ages 3 to 6. And we rate this book 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 .

** Review written by my daughter M. S. Karthik **

First Book in the Series

Check out the slideshow to see some of the highlights in, "Spend the Day with Atlas the Bear."


United We Learn!

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